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Bachelor Theses

Development of a new pixel detector in High Voltage-MAPS technologyAndr Schning
Our group is developing a new pixel detectors based on the High-Voltage MAPS (monolithic active pixel detector) technology. This new technology is in many respects superior compared to standard hybrid silicon detectors. It will be used for the new Mu3e experiment and is considered for the LHC-High Luminosity Upgrade of the ATLAS experiment. We offer several bachelor and master theses in this area. For more information contact D.Wiedner or A.Schoening.

Helium cooling system of the Mu3e pixel detectorAndr Schning
The Mu3e experiment will search for the rare muon decay into three electrons with unprecedented sensitivity. The pixel detector of the Mu3e will be built based on the novel HV-MAPS pixel detector technology. To operate this, an innovative cooling concept has been developed using gaseous Helium as coolant. We are urgently seeking a person to set-up and characterise a mock-up detector that is currently built at our institute. Performing finite-element simulations and comparing this to the laboratory results will be a crucial part of the work.

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